About Us

MindWave Global Corporation Pte. Ltd. is a leading business and technology solutions provider active in M2M communications, big data analytics, and managed services. Founded in Singapore in 2005 and backed by venture funding from Nomura Research Institute, we build on our unique expertise in sensor and device driven data communications together with analytics to provide  holistic, customised solutions for our clients.

With our unique core solution mix comprising M2M communications and big data & analytics (supported by our powerful, proprietary real-time analytics and visualization engine –  MindMart®), we are at the core on how technology is harnessed to support the evolution of Smart Cities and Smart Healthcare – two verticals which MindWave has developed a niche on. MindWave is one of the few companies offering a complete end-to-end solution through a single vendor with the capability to manage the entire ecosystem.

With a strong presence across the Asia Pacific region, our customised solutions enable clients in both the public and private sectors to develop new markets and help re-shape existing ones by innovating processes, increasing efficiency and collaborating on a global scale.

MindWave has a dedicated network of industry leading partners, each bringing their special expertise and contribution to our organisation. Our relationship with our partners enables us to provide our clients with the right solution at the right time for their business advantage. We leverage on our partnership to keep our processes and knowledge at the highest level across all paradigms.