Asset Tracking & Management

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MindWave offers a comprehensive suite of RFID products and services that work together to tackle an organisation’s tracking and security needs. With the recent leap in RFID hardware development, this breakthrough technology is now accessible and affordable for many enterprises. It is commonly used to track and streamline the movement of critical assets within an organisation. The #1 RFID application being deployed today is IT asset tracking.

Challenges & Opportunities

Warehouses are focal points for product and information flow between sources of supply and beneficiaries. In the context of a warehouse, assets are tracked manually and identified by sight. This time-consuming process increases human error and accountability. As such, there needs to be a holistic tracking system held in place which would allow organisations the ability to accurately identify, locate, dispatch and maintain their assets.

MindWave’s Value-Added Approach

Our asset tracking solutions gives you real-time visibility over your assets, as well as how these assets are being used throughout their life cycles – from acquisition to disposal. Every tagged asset is tracked easily by interpreting the incoming radio signals from each tag using a reader, improving overall visibility for each individual asset.

MindWave has deployed RFID-based technology across a large number of warehouses that fits your operational requirements. Our solutions enable you to gather timely and accurate operational insights into asset tracking in real-time and at a very competitive cost. Further, MindWave enables seamless integration with enterprise applications such as SAP ERP, supply chain, and logistics, allowing for the smooth coordination between operational and enterprise application – a skill which is very unique and rare within the IT industry.

Order handling and inventory management through a well-integrated warehouse management system

Benefits to Your Enterprise

  • Seamless integration into existing business infrastructure/supply chains
  • Improve workflow efficiency, speed and accuracy
  • Real-time visibility over all assets
  • Temperature sensors to monitor perishables or heat-sensitive equipment in real-time