Asset/Patient Tracking

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MindWave keeps patients and the medical team connected. With RFID-enabled tags and wearable devices, patients can remain ambulatory while the medical team can focus on those patients that require more assistance.

Challenges & Benefits

Currently, hospitals are facing issues of increased bed turnaround times, longer patient waiting times for consultation, and tracking their patients and assets. As such, a sophisticated patient flow solution is necessary to ensure that the hospital achieves maximum efficiency in its daily operations, while at the same time, providing better services to both critical and non-critical patients.

MindWave’s Value-Added Approach

With the help of RFID based tracking and monitoring, MindWave has developed a track-and-trace system for patients and assets within the healthcare industry. Our unique, lightweight, RFID-enabled tags and wearable devices have been implemented successfully in the medical cylinder and eldercare industries.

MindWave’s RFID track-and-trace system enables:

  • Completely automated location tracking of patients, medical equipment and supplies
  • Geo-fencing (for patients with severe mental and physical illnesses)
  • Easy review of medical supplies/medicine availability, physical location and operational status
  • Instant Alerts (breach of geo-fence perimeter, low supply levels)
  • Eliminate human error and misidentification
  • Increased efficiency in the supply chain process

Furthermore, through the application of sensors/tags/readers within the hospital’s premises, our solutions can track patient movements throughout the facility while they go through the series of tests, CT/MRI scans, X-rays, etc. This type of tracking related data in tandem with MindMart® can create operational insights such as wait times, wait locations, turnaround times for lab reports (and others) to optimise processes across the full lifecycle of a patient.

Location-based Analytics for Hospitals using MindMart®

Benefits to Your Health Facility

  • Improve throughput and reduce waiting times for consultation
  • Improve efficiency of moving patients through the entire system
  • Reduce costs and better utilization of current capacity without having to build towers and add beds
  • Medical team can quickly locate patients and track equipment in the hospital
  • Enhance the quality of care for both critical and non-critical patients