Some of our clients include


Client: Colex

Nature of Business: Public Waste Management

Project Category: Smart Cities – Waste Management

Project: RFID Track-and-Trace System

Brief: Colex required a Track-and-Trace system which would be able to track real time coordinates of its waste collector trucks, as well as the locations of the recycling bins. To address this requirement, MindWave proposed an RFID/GPS Track & Trace System where every bin has an attached unique RFID tag, and installed on-board GPS and GSM modules, allowing Colex real time visibility over the trucks’ locations. Information is synced wirelessly in real time, allowing Colex to generate real time reports anytime, anywhere.


Client: All Saints Home

Nature of Business: Eldercare Facility

Project Category: Smart Healthcare – Eldercare

Project: Medicine Distribution Management System (MDMS)

Brief: All Saints Home faced multiple challenges in its medicine inventory management and medicine dispensing system. In line with the current regulations set by the National Healthcare Group, the medicine needs to be barcoded with patient information. Apart from that, it is unable to track and identify whether the correct prescription and dosage has been administered to the right patient at different time intervals. MindWave designed a comprehensive Medicine Distribution System which allows for the efficient management of medicine inventory and medicine dispensing. This solution is currently being rolled out in their other facilities.


Client: Iwatani Industrial Gas

Nature of Business: Gas, Energy Development & Supply

Category: Smart Cities – Asset Tracking

Project: RFID Cylinder Tracking System

Brief: In Iwatani’s Singapore plant, gas cylinders are tracked manually and identified by sight, which are prone to human errors and cylinder misidentification. This makes it a challenge in determining the location of cylinders, and which among those are due for maintenance and testing. To address Iwatani’s requirements, MindWave designed an automated cylinder tracking system that was designed to fit the exact workflow. This allowed for easy review of cylinders’ availability, physical location and operational status, resulting in a more efficient and productive supply chain process.


Client: CLP International Pte Ltd

Nature of Business: Industry Chemicals

Project Category: Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Chemical Classification and Labelling

Project: Labelling of Chemical Containers as per UN GHS

Brief: CLP required a GHS label printing solution which allowed them to label their chemical containers as per the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), an internationally-agreed upon system created by the United Nations. Using label designer software BarTender and a label printing system from Intermec by Honeywell, MindWave was able to deliver according to CLP’s requirements for compliance.


Client: Fascina Pte Ltd

Nature of Business: Windows Manufacturing

Project Category: Managed Services – Enterprise Management System

Project: Customised Enterprise Management System for Windows Manufacturing

Brief: Fascina needed a real time management system that could provide updates to all departments involved in the manufacturing process in order to meet Just-in-Time manufacturing and delivery schedules. MindWave designed an Enterprise Management System, which was able to track its production processes in real time. This solution was also designed to be seamlessly integrated with the existing system.


Client: Saipem Singapore Pte Ltd

Nature of Business: Oil & Gas

Project Category: Managed Services – Enterprise Services

Project: Provision of IT Infrastructure and Hardware Accessories

Brief: Saipem required an Enterprise Time and Attendance System for its employees. This system should also be able to extract reports as required by the Payroll Team through Excel, txt or PDF formats. To address this, MindWave designed a turnkey solution based on Actatek 3 Readers and the Access Manager software. This non-invasive solution would be easily integrated into a third-party Payroll system and churns out standard Time/Attendance reports as needed.