Intelligent Labelling

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RFID has been around for many decades. Over time, as the adoption of RFID technologies became mainstream, the cost of such technologies dropped while its range and function expanded. Nowadays, it is common to see RFID being used to tag and trace animate and inanimate objects in ever evolving ways.

Challenges & Opportunities

In the case of a public institution, tracking its assets is a huge challenge. As such, the implementation of sophisticated RFID technologies is necessary to ensure that it is well-equipped to meet such massive operational requirements.

MindWave’s Value-Added Approach

MindWave offers highly sophisticated and customised labelling, tagging and classification solutions for businesses. Through our intelligent labelling solutions, we are able to offer our clients truly intelligent labelling and tracking services with the ability to sort, categorise, store and print data from an item’s label. To date, our labelling solutions have been applied in Libraries and Logistics/Warehousing service providers.

Demonstrating the Use of Intelligent Labelling in a Library

Benefits to Your Enterprise

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enhanced employee productivity
  • Real-time asset visibility