Smart Cities

Smart cities are an evolved state of urbanisation where the application of technology integrates various individual parts of a city – buildings, utilities, authorities, infrastructure and industries. To target cities as customers and to tap the vast business opportunities they present, companies need to internally revamp their in-house competencies and products/service portfolio. The global city infrastructure market is expected to provide US$ 2.2 trillion market opportunities in 2025. By then, 26 global cities are expected to be smart cities, presenting a great opportunity for our solutions to be implemented globally. The infographic below shows some of the opportunities and ways big data and analytics can be implemented to make our cities truly smart!


Global Smart Cities

Over 26 Global Cities to be SMART Cities in 2025 – More than 50% of Smart Cities of 2025 will be from Europe and North America 

Source: Forbes Smart City List, Innovation City Index, Specific Smart Project Websites for Each City, Frost & Sullivan


With a focus on improving citizen services, smart cities around the world are embedding sensors to collect and analyse continuous, real time data like noise levels, pollution levels, waste, traffic, crimes, etc. MindWave’s Smart City solutions help deliver seamless and connected mobility, sustainable smart district-management and enhanced citizen services by combining state-of-the-art sensor technologies with advanced analytics. To know more about our Smart City solutions, please choose from one of the following options:


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