Smart Healthcare

The Healthcare and Eldercare industries are on the verge of big transformations, with body area network applications and sensors being increasingly used for fitness, wellness, location tracking, geo-fencing and also for the identification, diagnosis and management of acute and chronic diseases. MindWave’s foray into the healthcare industry combines sensors and analytics to deliver highly personalised healthcare solutions.

MindWave is targeting the Healthcare segment with solutions focused on operational effectiveness, cost savings, error reduction and improved lifestyle for patients. Our Smart Healthcare solution includes medicine dispensation and patient tracking  patients and elders in health facilities.

The fundamental principle of our solution and vision is built around the following principles:

  • Consumer Pricing – Making continuous monitoring affordable
  • Medical Grade Equipment – Ensure technology and innovation is the best in the world
  • Event Driven – Real-time, breach of threshold driven alerts with end to end workflow
  • Analytics-based – Ensuring deep insights with embedded analytics using statistical and mathematical modelling based on Open Source technology

Healthcare Expenditure

APAC healthcare expenditure will increase by 151% by 2020 in order to cater to the ageing population and rise of chronic diseases, increase access to care and to employ innovative technologies in healthcare


 Source: Asia Pacific Healthcare Outlook, 2012 – 2015, Frost & Sullivan


MindMart®  in Smart Healthcare

MindMart® is MindWave’s real-time Big Data Analytics platform that has been developed by MindWave as a comprehensive information management and decision support system which can be deployed as a component of various IT systems. With a powerful core engine that supports cutting edge technologies like In-Memory Analytics, Social Analytics, Text and Speech Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Business Analytics and Business Intelligence platforms on cloud as well as Location-based Analytics, it provides a host of analytics capabilities on an easy-to-use platform. Furthermore, MindMart®’s versatility allows it to be customised as a component of any IT solution in a diverse range of fields, including retail, telecom, healthcare and manufacturing.

In essence, MindMart® is an integrated modular repository of applications, components, products, sub-platforms or frameworks that MindWave has combined together to make them perform better as a “platform” which MindWave uses to develop a “solution” for the client.