We offer a wide portfolio of services in the fields of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications (also known as the Internet of Things), Big Data Analytics, and Managed Services. We are responsible for Singapore’s largest roll-out of M2M technology through the country’s waste management and sustainability initiatives and have used sensor based technology for our clients in the Waste Management industry. We have developed our own proprietary analytics platform – MindMart®, which is a comprehensive data analytics engine that harnesses, analyses and transforms raw data into statistically driven actionable insights, complete with a state of the art visualisation platform capable of statistical analyses, predictive modelling, forecasting, real-time analytics and visual analytics. MindMart® enables our customers to optimise their efficiency while improving internal processes.

 Our solutions combine our knowledge of M2M communications, sensors and data analytics with our technical abilities and strong experience in providing managed enterprise services. We develop and deliver affordable industry specific solutions as on premise or cloud-based offerings depending on the clients needs. Our industry alliances support us in showcasing our state-of-the-art industry solutions advanced technology platforms to a global client base, allowing us to grow with leaders in the industry.

We have categorised our solutions into two segments:

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