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Waste management is an important requirement for ecologically sustainable development in many countries. The use of computing technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and sensor networks offer a new way to optimise waste management. In recent years, we have witnessed increased adoption levels of RFID in many application domains. Therefore, the deployment of RFID in waste management processes allows the public waste collectors (PWCs) to read digital information off the bins and trucks, enabling automatic tracking, identification, checking of properties, etc.

Challenges & Opportunities

With the above in mind, there is a need for a real-time, efficient and reliable waste collection management system, including route planning and scheduling, tracking and monitoring for waste collection activities across Singapore.

MindWave’s Value-Added Approach

One of our pioneering Smart City initiatives is our comprehensive Waste Management solution – a customised waste management software suite designed specifically to manage all aspects of a waste management company’s operations. As a modular enterprise suite, it can be scaled up to suit the requirements and size of our client’s operations and grow with them. With our Waste Management solution, our clients are able to change the traditional, manual ways of managing both residential and industrial waste and can gain visibility and optimise their routes, drivers and trucks in real-time. Our Smart City Waste Management solution (used by three of Singapore’s largest public waste management companies) use MindMart® to integrate RFID/GPS sensors with geo-spatial and predictive analytics to trace, track and measure various types, sources and amounts of waste, geo-locate areas generating high amounts of waste and improve fleet management for waste transportation from sources to destination.

Integrating Vehicles, M2M Communications, Sensors and Analytics in real-time

Enabling Total Operational Visibility

MindWave’s Waste Management Business by the Numbers

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Benefits to Your Enterprise

  • Tracking staff, vehicle movements and duration spent in specific routes for waste collection
  • Analysing staff performance and vehicle utilisation in terms of bins collected per vehicle, time taken to complete collection per route, etc.
  • Benchmarking collection performance of staff/vehicle by analysing bin collection percentages and time taken
  • Routes can be optimised for real-time tracking and through data analysis, which subsequently leads to increased productivity